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CBSE School Collaboration Program for eLearning and mLearning Facility in Schools

Posted By Admin on November 14, 2017

School Collaboration Program


Moducation offers school Collaboration Program for the benefit of students of schools who wish to play a proactive role in equipping their students with career building skills. It’s a matter of pride for every school if its students join the best engineering, medical or other reputed professional institutions.

However, there are challenges in providing specialised training for the competitive examinations to the students at school level. The specialised faculty for these competitive examinations is quite costly and stability of faculty is low. The cost to students also becomes prohibitively high. Therefore, boarding schools and schools located in remote cities and villages suffer from serious disadvantages. Some of the schools in cities are running school collaboration programs in their school premises or outside the school premises in association with coaching institutes. CBSE has already clarified that all such schools which are running the coaching classes in the school, during or after the school hours shall be derecognised. Schools are facing the problem of how to cope up with the expectations of the students and the parents and provide an economical effective alternative solution. Many schools in the remote locations wastefully experimented with the video coaching to their students without any results.

Moducation offers opportunities to the schools to enable their students prepare effectively for the competitive examinations without additionally burdening either the students or their existing faculty. The students can prepare for these competitive examinations from the comfort of their homes as per their respective time schedule. Since, this is a self-controlled preparation program, intervention by teachers is minimal. The program is comprehensive, takes care of all the learning needs of the students and equips them with the necessary test taking skills with optimal utilisation of time.


Why should school provide training for the competitive examinations?


We at Moducation strongly believe that the school’s capability and role is not limited to making the students pass 10th or 12th class. Unfortunately, many of the schools still continue to feel that their capability and role is limited to making students perform in the 10th and 12th boards. Gone are the days when the students used to get admission in colleges for B.Sc. based on the performance in the board examinations. Now, the students are highly motivated and their primary focus is on getting into LLB from IILMs, B.Tech from IITs and NITs or doing MBBS from AIIMS and other reputed medical colleges. The question is whether board preparation would make these students grab a seat in these reputed IITs and Medical colleges. If not, are the schools doing enough to fulfil the expectations of the students and parents?

So, most schools as Center of Advanced Learning have been providing opportunities to their students by way of school collaboration programs.

CBSE has directed all schools to stop running coaching institutions on the school premises under the pretext of providing preparations for entrance examinations.


Why does a school need Computer / Mobile App?


At CBSE level, all schools are struggling with lack of regular studies by the students. Moducation provides you an opportunity to encourage regular studies with the help of online Daily Practice Sheets and assignments. Students performance in these Daily Practice Sheets is made available in the form of excel sheets.

At competitive level, CBSE has directed all schools to stop running coaching institutions on the school premises under the pretext of providing preparations for entrance examinations.

As such, all the law abiding schools can only look forward to providing opportunities to students for preparations through an online computer /mobile platform where the students can access it from the comfort of their homes, hostel rooms, classrooms or school computer labs.


How does it work?


Moducation provides a link on the website of the school. By clicking the link, the students can log on to the Mobile App or Computer App just by entering Name, Password and Mobile Number and can access the all programs. The dashboard of the students shall also carry the logo of the School. The content updation, software updation and all technical issues shall be responsibility of Moducation. Many of the reputed schools have already opted for the school partnership program with us.


Why should you consider Moducation amongst large number of eLearning / mLearning companies?


Our program has the following differentiating features that you must consider before you decide on another online solution provider:

  • Real Time learning – Instant knowledge on Computer or Mobile.
  • Complete NCERT material
  • Detailed and easy to understand Course Material by Moducation Experts
  • Self-explanatory Detailed step by step solution to almost every question. If anything still missing, online Doubt Discussion forum is available for the rescue.
  • Android App for engineering and medical foundation course for CBSE class 6-10 students, JEE Main/Advanced and NEET-UG/AIIMS course for class 11, 12 students
  • Easy to use application on high speed servers
  • Large no. of relevant and unique questions (repetition of incorrectly answered question only). Fundamental Questions cover basic learning; Critical Thinking Questions cover advanced learning while Brain Storming Questions cover advanced learning plus Analytical skills.
  • Helps the students perform better in the board examinations as well as competitive examinations.
  • Facility to add your own questions and answers to meet your school specific requirement (optional).
  • Facility to create your own Daily Practice Sheets and Periodic Tests (optional) from a large pool of question bank. Practice sheets help you encourage students for regular study; while Periodic Tests help you monitor students' learning over a specific period.
  • More CBSE / Competitive level questions can be added on your request.
  • Helps faculty to improve their skill sets and get trained for educating students for the competitive examinations.
  • Accessible to students from your own website (through your school website). We do not collect unnecessary Data from your students which completely remove your tensions of Data security.


Unique 7-step Learning: 


1. Study through NCERT and Course Material, 

2. Study through Video Lectures, 

3. Complete Test Material, 

4. Performance Analysis and Reports,

5. Revision through Formulae/Concepts

6. Access to Incorrectly Answered or Skipped Questions for improvement

7. Online Doubt Discussion Forum




The pricing is transparent and lowest in industry and is calculated based on the number of student packs that your school buys.

Annual Set Up Cost

CBSE Class 6-12 + JEE Main + JEE Advanced + NEET + AIIMS

Rs 101,000

CBSE Class 6-12 + JEE Main + NEET

Rs 71000

JEE Main + JEE Advanced + NEET

Rs 71000


Rs 51000

JEE Main

Rs 31000


Rs 31000

CBSE Class 6-10

Rs 21000

Annual Subscription Charges (per student)

JEE Main + JEE Advanced + 11/12 CBSE

Rs 8000 = 2000

JEE Main + 11/12 CBSE

Rs 6000 = 1500


Rs 8000 = 2000

NEET + 11/12 CBSE

Rs 6000 = 1500

Class 10 CBSE/SSC + Competition Foundation

Rs 6000 = 1500

Class 9 CBSE/SSC + Competition Foundation

Rs 4800 = 1200

Class 8 CBSE/SSC + Competition Foundation

Rs 4000 = 1000

Class 7 CBSE/SSC + Competition Foundation

Rs 3200 = 800

Class 6 CBSE/SSC + Competition Foundation

Rs 2400 = 600

75% Discount in annual Subscription Charges is available for limited number of schools for a limited period only.


School will have to pay annual set up cost and annual subscription charges for required number of students.

Alternatively, school can pay one time set up cost and students interested to use the services can join by paying the subscription charges.

Note: We also provide good quality tablets for educational purpose in bulk at wholesale prices.


Can I have a demo of the App?

Certainly yes. Please Call 7400307400 or send SMS so that we can arrange to show you online demo. Alternatively, you can mail to


How do I order the product / services?

Please send Call 7400307400 or send SMS. Our executive will contact you

Remember, we're always an email or call away when you need help. 




You can make the payment by following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
  • Paytm Wallet
  • Demand Draft
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